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IJMB Online Application


Application Instructions

  1. The form below is ONLY for those applying for IJMB Programme
  2. Before filling the form, CLICK HERE to read about Ritman University IJMB Programme
  3. Carefully complete the form. Ensure you fill the mandatory fields with asterisk (*).
  4. Upload your recent passport with red background, should not be more than 200kb and MUST be in any of JPEG (JPG) or PNG format.
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  6. Feel free to contact us where you have difficulty.

PART A: Personal Details (IN BLOCK LETTERS)

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PART B: Educational Qualifications (Compulsory for Admission)


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PART C: Applicant Declaration

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I declare that the information provided by me in connection with the application is true and correct. I undertake to inform Ritman University immediately of any changes in address, phone numbers and any other information by me in this application. I understand that Ritman University reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission or enrollment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information.